Get Answers To Your Questions

Get Answers to Your Questions

When you first start communicating with your Inner Guidance it can get confusing or overwhelming. How do you receive information? How do you get answers to your questions?

Listed below are resources to help you get answers to your questions by using muscle testing or Inner Guidance communication.

Please contact me and let me know if they are easy enough to use!

Meet Your Angel Guides!Meet Your Angel Guides

It’s time to be introduced to your Angel Guides. Learn how to get your “yes” and “no” answers.

Angel Guide Introduction

First Conversation

First ConversationOnce you have connected to your Inner Guidance, or are ready to start muscle testing, begin with the First Conversation guide.

First Conversation

Symptomological Testing

Symptomological TestingUse this Symptomological Testing guide for determining the cause and solution to a particular symptom. Go through the steps with your inner guidance.