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Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants, Montreal QC

A friend sent me a link to this article that describes 20 vegetarian restaurants in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I am always on the lookout for delicious vegan cheesecake and have eaten at a couple of the vegetarian restaurants featured in this article.

Crudessence – Vegan Restaurant in Montreal

Not only does Crudessence serve magnificent raw vegan food, they share their recipes in their cookbook. This cookbook has a recipe for vegan cheesecake. This is what it looked like when I made it myself.

vegan cheesecake recipe vegan cheesecake recipe  Yes, it was delicious!

Aux Vivres – Vegan Restaurant in Montreal

Aux Vivres is another vegan restaurant that has wonderful food. They have both cooked and raw vegan food, including a delicious faux-cheesecake. Caution if you do not eat soy products.

Other Vegetarian Restaurants in Montreal

Read about all 20 vegetarian restaurants in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Gluten-Free Restaurant, Philomath OR

June 2015: Eats & Treats Cafe in Philomath OR (20 minutes from Corvallis Oregon) is a 100% gluten-free restaurant. This restaurant does not just offer a gluten-free menu, it only offers gluten-free food. They make all their food without gluten including sauces, salad dressings, breads, and desserts. If you have Celiac Disease you will feel comfortable eating here. Their sign at the front door says it all:  “Welcome to our dedicated gluten free zone. In consideration of our gluten free environment, we kindly request no outside food or drink be brought into the cafe.

Gluten-Free Restaurant, Philomath OR

If you are a first time customer they will bring you a FREE delicious gluten free chocolate chip cookie.

gluten free chocolate chip cookie

This friendly cafe was full of people enjoying their famous barbequed meats and gluten-free food. I wanted to taste their gluten-free bread, so I ordered their tri-tip sandwich. The bread was amazing!

Sandwich made with gluten-free bread

Of course, I also had to try one of their desserts (but was so full from the sandwich that I had to take the dessert to go). I must say that their gluten-free pie crust tasted as good as mine!

 gluten-free pie crust

Eats & Treats Cafe
1644 Main St
Philomath, Oregon  97370

Cafe Restaurant, Corvallis OR

June 2015: Laughing Planet Cafe for casual and delicious dining. Order your gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or paleo food at the counter. You will be given a number to take to your table of choice where they will bring you your food. The ingredients are fresh and from local sources whenever possible.

Restaurant Corvallis OR 97330

I ordered Bubbie’s Spring Bowl, a delicious combination of braised lab shoulder, red quinoa, steamed spinach, roasted asparagus, pickled red and watermelon radishes, and a yogurt-dill-pickled mustard seed sauce. I asked for the sauce on the side because I don’t usually like dill, but today I loved it! Even though this dish was not vegetarian, it was gluten-free.

Restaurant Corvallis OR 97330

It was nice to be at a restaurant where I had company at my table. Visit the Laughing Planet Cafe, I guarantee that you will not have to dine alone.

Homemade food with a gluten-free menu. Restaurant Corvallis OR 97330

Laughing Planet Cafe
127 NW 2nd Street
Corvallis, OR 97330

Ice Cream & Dairy-Free Popsicles, Tualatin OR

June 2015: Ome Calli is family owned and makes their own ice cream, popsicles and dairy-free popsicles (paletas) from scratch. They have a wide selection of dairy-free popsicles, including strawberry, watermelon, mango, guava, guanabana, pineapple, key, lime, and cucumber.

Ome Calli is family owned and makes their own ice cream, popsicles and dairy-free popsicles (paletas) from scratch.

Ome Calli has expanded recently to two locations: Tualatin and Beaverton Oregon. I stopped in and spoke with the wife of the husband-wife-daughter team. She is lovely! When I asked if I could take her picture she chose to have her dragon in the background.

Owner of Ome Calli in Tualatin OR

I ate the guanabana paletta, a dairy-free popsicle. Yum!

I ate the guanabana paletta, a dairy-free popsicle.

Ome Calli Mexican Frozen Treats
Paleteria Y Neveria
19403 SW Boones Ferry Rd
Tualatin, OR 97062

Cafe Restaurant, Oregon City OR

June 2015: This is the third time that I have visited and eaten at The Singer Hill Cafe in Oregon City OR. I absolutely love it there! The food is simple and clean, the vertical gardens are stupendous, and the energy is inviting and soothing.

Singer Hill Cafe menu Oregon City OR

I had this Seasonal Veggie Sandwich (which contained hummus) even though it was not gluten-free. Yum! If you want a gluten-free option they will use a gluten-free wrap instead of bread.

Vegan Sandwich

Gluten-Free Options and Vegan Options

This Oregon City restaurant cafe has a simple, healthy menu that caters to people with all sorts of diets. They offer gluten-free options, vegetarian options, and vegan options.

Gluten-Free Restaurant Oregon City OR

Singer Hill Cafe menu Oregon City OR

Singer Hill Cafe menu Oregon City OR

Vertical Gardens

I had not seen a vertical garden until I walked into the Singer Hill Cafe. I love them! I sit and enjoy the beauty while I eat my delicious meal. They even have free classes on how to make a vertical garden!

001 003b 004b 006 012b Vertical Gardens Oregon City OR 014 002bFree Classes on How to Make a Vertical Garden

Singer Hill Cafe
623 7th St.
Oregon City, OR 97045

Organic Vegan Restaurant, Venice Beach CA

April 2015 I was at the City of Angels West Coast Swing event on the Los Angeles airport property. I took a short drive to Venice Beach CA where I looked and looked for parking. I lucked out and found metered parking in a small parking lot two blocks from Venice Beach. Attached to the parking lot was a fantastic organic vegan restaurant. It was quaint and casual.

Seed Kitchen: Organic Vegan Restaurant, Venice Beach CA

I ordered curried chickpeas which was served with brown rice, cucumbers, and a wheat chapati. If I wanted to eat gluten-free they would have accommodated me.

Seed Kitchen: Organic Vegan Restaurant Venice Beach CA

After I ate, I put more coins in the parking meter and walked two blocks to the ocean. I sat on the beach and enjoyed the sun and breeze for a while.

The only thing that I would consider a minus at this organic vegan restaurant in Venice Beach CA, is that they do not have any public bathrooms.

Seed Kitchen
1604 Pacific Ave
Venice, California 90291

FoMu: Vegan Restaurant, Boston MA

In March 2015 I was in Boston MA and found a fantastic vegan restaurant cafe where they make their own vegan ice cream. Their ice cream is unusual because it is not your traditional rice ice cream or soy ice cream, it is nut ice cream and coconut ice cream.

Menu - Vegan Restaurant Nut Ice Cream Boston

So if you are in the Boston MA area and are in the mood for some soy-free vegan ice cream, stop in at FoMu – Alternative Ice Cream & Cafe for some home made deliciousness!

I found the vegan ice cream to be very filling and ate just one scoop. I was full!

Vegan Restaurant Nut Ice Cream Boston

FoMu – Alternative Ice Cream & Cafe
481 Cambridge St
Allston, MA 02134
(617) 903-3276

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Vegan Restaurant Nut Ice Cream Boston