Health Book - Divination e-Book


Health Book - Divination e-Book DIV-HEALTH

Health Book - Divination e-Book

Each page in this book has two parts. The upper part contains a statement which is your message from your Divine guidance.  The lower part contains clarifying questions that you can ask in your meditation to get further meaning to the statement in the upper part.

Use this book on your computer or print it out and place it in a binder, in a folder, or go and have it spiral bound for you.  It does not matter what form you use it in, it just matters that you use it!

The table shown in the product images has the numbers 1 through 120.  When you meditate ask your Divine guidance which number (or numbers), contains your message.  Turn to the corresponding page and meditate on the statement in the upper part of the page.  If you need clarity about what your Divine guidance is trying to communicate to you then ask questions.  The bottom part of the page has some question suggestions.

You can personalize this book by adding your own pages with statements and clarifying questions.  Have fun with it!

Detailed Images:

  • Table with 120 numbers.
  • Image of one of the pages from the Health Book

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Page from Health Book Ask Your Angel Guides Which Page To Turn To