Reconnective Healing


Reconnective Healing HEALING

Reconnective Healing - In Person or Distance

If you only want a Reconnective Healing without the Angel Guidance session then purchase this appointment option. With this option you will receive a 30 minute Reconnective Healing

Monica Levin was the first Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner in Michigan.

Reconnective Healing is unlike other healing modalities. With Reconnective Healing people return to balance in one to three sessions. It is recommended that you have up to three sessions. Once you have had the three sessions, allow the Reconnective Healing frequencies (which stay with you) to continue to work. You will experience whatever level of healing the Universe/God/Source has decided for you. If after three to six months you still have some symptoms remaining you are welcome to come in for another series of three healings.


After you pay for the appointment call 248-656-2505 to schedule your appointment time with Monica Levin.  You can have your appointment in person at Monica's Wixom Michigan office, or at a distance.

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