Intuition Training & Wellness Coaching with Monica Levin & Your Angel Guides

Monica coaches people to follow their Divine Mind, encouraging them to have faith in their truth and have the courage to step forward despite fears and doubts. Schedule your appointment.

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Meet Your Angel Guides and Learn How to Muscle Test Yourself and Others

Meet Your Angel Guides and Learn How to Muscle Test Yourself and Others

Nonverbal Communication, Free Downloads, & Appointments

Nonverbal Communication & Appointments

Spiritual Leadership & Personal Mastery

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The Body-Soul Bridge

Spiritual Leadership & Personal Mastery

Spiritual Leadership & Personal Mastery

Ordained minister Monica Levin provides spiritual leadership, supports personal mastery, and facilitates collaboration and organizational learning in business environments.

How To Tune In To Your Inner Guidance

You are intuitive. You can improve your connection to your inner guidance with a little bit of help. Try this meditation which is a shorter version of the inner guidance communication meditation available through this website.

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