About Angel Guides

The Source Energy part of you is often referred to as angels, guides, God, Universe, Inner Guidance, or Higher Self. For simplicity’s sake we call it “Angel Guides” in this website.

You are never alone. Your Angel Guides are always present and here to help you in your life’s journey. You are not here to accomplish anything in particular, but you are here to become a full expression of yourself. Your Angel Guides will guide you and help you release thoughts that get in the way of you being your authentic self.

The intention of the life journey is not to get anywhere on the outside, but to rediscover who you are on the inside. Once you know yourself more fully (the Divinity that is you), life becomes a lot of fun!

Monica and her Angel Guides wrote this website together. They want you to know that you are not alone!

Ask Angel Guides for Help!

Monica Levin has been testing people for food intolerances since 1987.  One of her clients felt overwhelmed by the idea of cooking differently so Monica told her “No problem, you can borrow my cooking Angel”. When the client returned three weeks later she exclaimed “Your cooking angel is fantastic!”

You can call on Angel Guides to help you with everything and are available to you at any and all times. You have experienced the presence of your Angel Guides throughout your days and throughout your life. Your Angel Guides help you with everything, including:

  • Your Angel Guides will inspire you to get off the highway before an accident happens.
  • Your Angel Guides will influence the choice you make about which restaurant to go to.
  • Your Angel Guides will help you to organize your day.
  • Your Angel Guides will help you to allot your money in your budget.
  • Your Angel Guides will help you to make decisions in your business.

They want to help, but wait for you to ask. Start asking and have fun with your Angel Guides!

Meet Your Angel Guides

When you first start communicating with your Inner Guidance it can get confusing or overwhelming. How do you receive information? How do you get answers to your questions?

Schedule an appointment with Monica Levin and meet your Angel Guides!

Wellness Coaching with Monica Levin - Meet Your Angel Guides!