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Gluten-free Restaurant for Celiacs, Lugano Switzerland

November 2017 – Is it true that approximately 80,000 people in Switzerland are intolerant to gluten and one in five of these people are lactose intolerant? According to The University of Chicago Medicine, Celiac Disease Center, Celiac disease affects 1% of healthy, average Americans. That means at least 3 million people in our country are living with celiac disease—97% of them are undiagnosed.

I will say that in over twenty years of performing food intolerance testing, almost 100% of the people that came to me were intolerant to the lactose in milk and milk products. I also found that 95% of my clients were intolerant to wheat, 60% were intolerant to corn, and 40% were intolerant to soy. A very small percentage of people were intolerant to gluten. If you aren’t feeling well, try eliminating wheat, milk, corn, and soy. Check out Alternative Ingredients for Food Intolerances on this website.

Gluten-free Restaurant for Celiacs, Lugano Switzerland

Are you one of the rare few who know that you are gluten-intolerant? Are you traveling to Lugano Switzerland? Take heart, you can eat a delicious Italian pizza at Ristorante L’INtollerante. I ate the gluten-free Pizza Vegetariana with lactose-free cheese and it was delicious!

Ristorante L’INtollerante
Via Trevano 19
Lugano 6900
+41 91 950 05 05

Pull up Google Translate and check out Ristorante L’INtollerante‘s menu:

Gluten-Free Restaurant for Celiacs In Lugano Switzerland Gluten-Free Restaurant for Celiacs In Lugano Switzerland Gluten-Free Restaurant for Celiacs In Lugano Switzerland

Rice Milk Gelato, Milan Italy

November 2017 – My sister took me to what is reputed to be the best Gelateria in Milan, Italy, Gelateria Solferino . I was amazed and delighted to discover that they had a couple of gelato options that are made with rice milk instead of cow milk! In addition, the sweetener used is stevia. How did they make a gelato out of rice milk? I wish I knew! It is as creamy and wonderful as all the other gelato options they had.

Rice Milk Ice Cream

Gelateria Solfarino Milan Rice Milk Gelato

The day that we went they had pistacchio al latte di riso (pistachio dairy-free ice cream, milk-free ice cream) and stracciatella al latte di riso (chocolate chip dairy-free ice cream, milk-free ice cream). Eating these rice milk ice creams put me in a good mood for days!

If you are ever in Milan Italy, I highly recommend that you visit Gelateria Solferino for dairy-free ice cream.

Gelateria Solfarino Milan Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Gelateria Solferino
Via Solferino 18
Milan, Italy 20121