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Vegetarian Restaurant, East Boston MA

March 2016

When I landed at the Boston Logan airport I immediately opened my Happy Cow app to see where I would have lunch. La Sanghita popped up as a five star vegetarian restaurant in the East Boston area. The restaurant is right next to the airport, but because of all of the one way streets, I had to take a long circuitous route to get there. It was worth it!

La Sanghita – Vegetarian Restaurant

I entered La Sanghita and was greeted by a friendly face and an invitation to try a gluten-free vegan kale cookie. This cafe looks like a small house from the outside and contains space for 18 to 20 people to sit. Food is prepared from scratch with mainly organic ingredients and a lot (if not all) gluten-free ingredients. It took a few minutes to get my food and I appreciated the love and attention put into my meal. La Sanghita does not use microwaves so my food was heated on the stove. Delicious!

East Boston Vegetarian Restaurant

Here are the two men preparing my meal:

East Boston Vegetarian Restaurant

I had vegan quesadillas and vegetable soup puree with avocado:

Vegan Quesadillas

Vegan Quesadillas

Vegetable soup puree with avocado

Vegetable soup puree with avocado

East Boston Harborwalk

La Sanghita is merely a block from the East Boston Harborwalk where you can stretch your legs after your delicious meal and smell the salt air.

east boston harborwalk

view of boston from the east boston harborwalk

La Sanghita
389 Maverick Street
Boston MA 02128
(857) 256-2917

FoMu: Vegan Restaurant, Boston MA

In March 2015 I was in Boston MA and found a fantastic vegan restaurant cafe where they make their own vegan ice cream. Their ice cream is unusual because it is not your traditional rice ice cream or soy ice cream, it is nut ice cream and coconut ice cream.

Menu - Vegan Restaurant Nut Ice Cream Boston

So if you are in the Boston MA area and are in the mood for some soy-free vegan ice cream, stop in at FoMu – Alternative Ice Cream & Cafe for some home made deliciousness!

I found the vegan ice cream to be very filling and ate just one scoop. I was full!

Vegan Restaurant Nut Ice Cream Boston

FoMu – Alternative Ice Cream & Cafe
481 Cambridge St
Allston, MA 02134
(617) 903-3276

Vegan Restaurant Nut Ice Cream Boston