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Cafe Restaurant, Oregon City OR

June 2015: This is the third time that I have visited and eaten at The Singer Hill Cafe in Oregon City OR. I absolutely love it there! The food is simple and clean, the vertical gardens are stupendous, and the energy is inviting and soothing.

Singer Hill Cafe menu Oregon City OR

I had this Seasonal Veggie Sandwich (which contained hummus) even though it was not gluten-free. Yum! If you want a gluten-free option they will use a gluten-free wrap instead of bread.

Vegan Sandwich

Gluten-Free Options and Vegan Options

This Oregon City restaurant cafe has a simple, healthy menu that caters to people with all sorts of diets. They offer gluten-free options, vegetarian options, and vegan options.

Gluten-Free Restaurant Oregon City OR

Singer Hill Cafe menu Oregon City OR

Singer Hill Cafe menu Oregon City OR

Vertical Gardens

I had not seen a vertical garden until I walked into the Singer Hill Cafe. I love them! I sit and enjoy the beauty while I eat my delicious meal. They even have free classes on how to make a vertical garden!

001 003b 004b 006 012b Vertical Gardens Oregon City OR 014 002bFree Classes on How to Make a Vertical Garden

Singer Hill Cafe
623 7th St.
Oregon City, OR 97045

Who is The Brotherhood of Light?

Who is The Brotherhood of Light?

We are that which is called The Brotherhood. In previous times some referred to us as The White Brotherhood but we choose to call ourselves The Brotherhood of Light because many have misconstrued that the term “white” refers to a nationality or other label that would cause people to feel  “less than”. And so it is through the embodiment of this woman we are that which is called The Brotherhood of Light.

We are that which is also called The Counsel. We are the overseers of all things that are occurring on this planet, in your atmosphere, and on other planets.

We are the overseers. We are observing that which is called the greatest evolvement that has occurred on this planet, your Mother Earth Gaia [see definition below]. We interact with all of you. We are working with what are called the grids of your planet.

We encompass many vibratory frequencies, meaning we are Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, the Saviors and Prophets that have come to your world over eons of time, and The Wise Ones; we encompass All.

The vibratory frequencies of The Brotherhood that comes through this woman [the channel Jan] depends on who is seated before us, or the group that is seated before us, and varies moment by moment. Our energy is different in every moment. Our vibratory frequencies are different with each individual and each group.

We are your family. Indeed.

Gaia was the goddess or personification of Earth in ancient Greek religion, one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia was the great mother of all: the primal Greek Mother Goddess; creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all The Universe; the heavenly gods, the Titans and the Giants were born from her union with Uranus (the sky), while the sea-gods were born from her union with Pontus (the sea). Her equivalent in the Roman pantheon was Terra.

The Reason Physical Reality Has Been So Frustrating For You

The Reason Physical Reality Has Been So Frustrating For You

The reason physical reality has been so frustrating for you is because you bought the stories about its limitations hook, line, and sinker. You bought them because you had made an agreement to do so. It was part of your plan to buy into these limitations so that you could relate to those who had no idea about light and who have been buying into the limitations for their whole existence.

You are going to electromagnetically alter the planet—rewire it, so to speak, so that all of these other beings can be plugged in once again. You can only do this if you can relate to where they are. If you had come here with your memory banks open, either you would not have wanted to stay, or you would not now understand the others. So you have been submerged in a society that has been without light and you have forgotten your light or vaguely remembered it as you grew up so that you could relate to that world.

Now it is time for you to integrate that world of society into the multidimensional world of light and spirit you represent so that the values and designs of this planet will begin to change completely.

Heretics are ahead of their time. The heretical ideas that come into the planet always prove to be brilliant later. So have courage. It only seems as if these new ideas are being ridiculed. You must remember that there is much activity in the non physical realms to assist you, and that even though has your own blueprint and plan to evolve into, you are a part of a global blueprint and a global consciousness.

You are firing that global blueprint and awakening others.  You awaken in waves, as each of you learns to carry information and broadcast it. If everyone were awakened at once, it would be very chaotic. The awakening must happen as you are able to handle it, because putting too much light into an element that could not handle it would blow a fuse. If the electrical currents are not matched up, the body can be destroyed.

You will see this. You are going to see a disease move over the planet that has to do with the nervous system and memory because people will not be able to handle the energy. They will become frightened of it. They may discover a multidimensional portion of themselves and think they are crazy. Then they will be obsessed with keeping their insanity quiet from their husband, or wife, or children. People will drive themselves into a frenzy with this energy because they won’t understand it. We cannot emphasize enough that the nervous system is the key for you to open your ancient eyes and see and for you to remember who you are, where you come from, and where you are going.

The nervous system must be able to take the electric current into the body, transduce the high energy, and fit it in the body, and let the body evolve and nurture itself on this high energy that is consciousness. This is literally what is occurring.

The nervous system, which is a highway within the body, can only move at the rate you can process the data flooding over it into the cells. Many of you are still cleaning out caverns within portions of your being that have been filled with darkness. These caverns may be from this life time, they may go back to childhood, or for some of you they may be from other lifetimes.

Many of you have been on this journey for 25 or 30 years while others of you have newly joined the journey. Not everyone is going to take the same amount of time. Those who have been plodding along for 30 years are way showers. You set up a vibrational frequency that those of you who are new joiners can feel. You who are new joiners don’t have to go looking for the new frequency and discover it—the mapping is done and the mapping hits your body.

You all need one another. It is imperative that you work in harmony. If you don’t work in harmony you will create Atlantis and all of the other destructions over and over again. Harmony is required.

There is a huge transformation taking place. But what you do with it, of course, is up to you. We have said that your world is going to split into two worlds, and that those who move with light will be in the world of light. This split is already beginning to take place. Those entities who wish to work with the higher vibratory fields that represent light, and those who wish to work with the lower vibratory fields that represent fear, darkness, chaos, control, and confusion are beginning to polarize and chose sides.

We are stretching you. We want you to become completely confused so that you will be energized. Then you will utilize your curiosity to take you into areas that not only have you never thought of, you never even knew existed.

This is out intention; that you come to a higher ground where you can create a new order of identity, courageously, with humor, and with confidence. Within the next 10 to 20 years, you will move from being dense physical creatures into creatures of light in the age of light. Can you conceive of this?

Everything that you are doing is bringing you in a divinely perfect way to that place. At some point you will understand the importance of every event in which you are participating, and the integrity of the whole.

At times, you will recognize that the energy has become too much and that you are not calm and centered. This will occur for each and every one of you at some point. In some way, you will feel as if too much is happening. There will be too much data to compute, too many people to talk to, or too much going on. At those times what you need to do more than anything else is rest. Some of you will need a tremendous amount of sleep at different points. There will be times when some of you will wish to sleep 18 hours: Do it, it is necessary.

You have no idea of the lands you travel to and the work done on your physical body when you sleep. It is the time when you are unplugged from this reality and recharged and taught in other realities. The bridges and your eyes will open between realities and you will begin to see and carry these memories.

Remember, Earth was sealed off eons ago. Earth was created to be one thing and then completely got off track after millions of years of existence. Many of you incarnated here over and over again and got really frustrated because every time you incarnated you had an intention of doing something but half the time you forgot what it was. Some of you were able to achieve mastery upon this planet and get yourselves off it through the ascension process. Others of you clamored that you wanted a time when this quarantine or seclusion from the rest of cosmic society would come to an end.

Because of you and the multitudes that are on this planet and surrounding this planet, the present time period was born. Assistance comes to you in all avenues of life, yet others cannot do things for you because you designed life in such a way that this species must self motivate and evolve in order to be empowered.

Those of you who are tremendously knowledgeable decided to incarnate in the species to empower it by being an example for the rest who cannot do it for themselves. You make new pathways of being as you broadcast who you are. When you gather in rooms for channelings, you ask for a tremendous number of reminders and a tremendous amount of encouragement along the way.

Some of you are finding that you cannot make it without the encouragement. This is understood. It is why we are here, most of the time with tremendous patience for you. We want to give you the opportunity to claim who you are.

March 21, 2010