Experiences – How a Change in Diet Can Help

Feeling good on this end. I noticed I have more energy in the morning, even with avoiding caffeine. Fascinating! – John

When I saw Monica, she screened me for over 120 foods by muscle testing. I found new information about foods to avoid, foods to eat. Since following these guidelines, I effortlessly lost 7 lbs. in a month, have a lot of energy until bedtime. Also, my skin has improved. I have noticed such a difference that my husband has now had the food screening. Thanks Monica! – Lezlie

I was tested 2 weeks ago by Monica. She uncovered food allergies some of which I suspected, others I was shocked to find out. I’ve since been eating and drinking accordingly and I happy to report a better quality of life in just 2 weeks! Monica was able to recommend substitutes for a couple of my favorite foods(which I’m allergic to) and they have proven to be just as tasty! I highly recommend a test by Monica! – Jeff

I have been a nutrition client of Monica for over one year and the new diet she created for me has made an amazing difference in my life. My new diet initially caused me to lose approximately 8 lbs and soon thereafter I was more alert, I had more energy, and my skin was not as dry. I have not needed cholesterol medication for a year now, and my recent test revealed my levels were even better than when I was taking the medication. Overall, my diet has made a big difference in the way I feel.  I enjoy the foods I eat and drink and my stomach continuously thanks me for the changes in my eating habits. Thank you, Monica! – Paul

Prior to my taking Monica’s class, I was feeling unusually tired and sleepy!  During her workshop Monica taught each of us how to test ourselves, and each other, for food allergies using muscle testing–a highly accurate, individualized assessment.  I tested “no” for all sugars (honey, raw sugar, maple syrup, etc.).  That was shocking since I’m not a “sweets” craving type.  Suddenly it dawned on me that I had been eating something that I didn’t normally eat–a few tablespoons full of queen bee honey a day to boost my levels of Vitamin B during a highly physically stressful period in my female life.  This honey was zapping my energy.  I was calmed to the max!   I immediately eliminated the queen bee honey, and I also eliminated sugar, maple syrup, and sweet pastries.  To compensate, I did eat dried cherries, watermelon, and bananas to satisfy those small sweet cravings.  Within a year, to my great surprise, my cholesterol dropped 25 points, and I lost ten pounds.  By the end of the next year, I dropped a total of 20 pounds, which I kept off for many years.  No doctor had ever told me that sugar will elevate my cholesterol.
Indeed, as you can see, this education I received from Monica has gone a long way in my life.  I am always grateful to her for the brilliant new healing and spiritual knowledge that she brings to me each time I meet with her.  Thank you so very much. – Christine

Monica’s nutritional advice set me on a path of eating healthy that has changed my life.  Her simple suggestions empowered me to make my own healthy choices.  Unexpectedly, my allergies improved significantly.  I’m 45 and I feel healthier now than any other time in my life.  Monica’s spiritual insights and advice have helped me in many areas of my life.  – Patrick

I came to Monica Levin because of my migraine headaches, tiredness, muscle pain, and joint pain.  After strictly following her food suggestions I felt less tired, more energetic, my body stopped aching, and I experienced a vast improvement in my migraine headaches. To this day, whenever I eat wheat I immediately feel sleepy and fall asleep in my chair at work. Thank you Monica! – Heather

When I first met Monica 12 years ago I was tired a lot, bloated, and irritable.  I really didn’t understand why.  Under Monica’s guidance I learned what foods worked for me and what foods to avoid.  I also learned about which supplements to take and how to figure out which supplements I needed by myself. I can honestly say that this experience has changed my life!  I have more energy, vitality, and inner peace.

In addition, my mother took the supplements that Monica recommended and it stopped the progression of her Alzheimer’s. – Nancy

My mom has strictly adhered to your dietary recommendations, with support from my sister, and she is really doing well.  The mental confusion and loss of short term memory due to her diabetes is nearly gone, and everyone notices her improvement.  This has come directly from you recommendations, since nothing else was done with her.  I was really scared that we were reaching the end with her, and I am really clear about the importance of eating the right foods, especially when disease has knocked on the door and entered.  Thank you!  The feedback from patients I have referred to you is excellent.  I will keep referring patients to you. – Bob

I first came to Monica Levin in October 2003.  I knew I was lactose intolerant, but since the birth of my first child I’d been struggling with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for about a year.  I was unable to eat fruit and any pre-made soups, gravies, sauces, and spices.  I was very discouraged about eating.  I hated eating!

Monica tested me for other food intolerances and after following her suggestions of eliminating corn, sugar, wheat, and milk from my diet, it was amazing how quickly I began to feel better.  I was nervous at first to eliminate so many foods from my diet.  I knew it would take dedication, but I was so tired of feeling sick every time I ate that I committed myself to following Monica’s advice.

Within one month I felt so much better.  Monica is so knowledgeable and she is very easy to talk to.  I highly recommend her services.  She has made an incredible difference in my life. – Jennifer

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease after I came to you and you recommended that I eliminate all gluten from my diet.  Since that time I have been saddened and comforted to know that many people have gone through as much as I have endured through life.  Thank you for getting me started in feeling better!  – Kim

I just wanted you to let you know that you were absolutely right (again!!) about leaving the dairy behind.

At first I really didn’t see a difference as my bowels had been the biggest issue and were returning to normal.  But it has been several months now being dairy-free and my monthly cycle is starting to return under control, my face has stopped breaking out, and I am no longer suffering from old cysts re-appearing all over my body.  The control over my periods is the best news!

Since changing my diet I have also made other changes in my life.  Making the changes in my diet gave me the confidence to be able to take care of myself and make other life changes.  I wanted you to know how much your advice and understanding has helped me.  You are an amazing healer, and I hope you continue helping others as you have helped me. – Kathleen

I decided to take a few minutes this morning to update you on the status of my health after being on your holistic food program for over a year now.  I’m still practicing the program you devised for me and continue to be amazed at how I remain healthy – no more major flues that get me down on the couch for two weeks at a time and take weeks to recuperate, no more muscle aches and pains, no depression, lower cholesterol, enough energy.  In addition, I am still off the high cholesterol and anti-anxiety medications!

Over time I have found many, many substitutes for the foods I once thought I couldn’t live without and now actually prefer the new foods.

I truly feel that you have helped me to restore my health on all levels.  Keep up the good work, Monica.  You truly have made a difference in my life.  God bless you and keep you focused on your chosen path.

With love and thanks, Barb

I was diagnosed with Graves Disease.  My symptoms included rapid heart rate, rapid speech, unexplained weight loss, hot flashes, and goiter.  After starting medication with an endocrinologist, I went to see Monica Levin.  Through Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) we found that I have sensitivities to wheat, corn, sugar, and dairy products, as well as various fruits and vegetables.  Within a week of beginning the diet, my symptoms disappeared and I felt better.  On my second visit I was able to tolerate some previous foods and began taking some supplements.  To this day, those supplements are the ones that make me feel the best.  During my last visit to the endocrinologist my medication was reduced to a third of the original dosage because my thyroid began to heal itself!  Not only do I feel better, but less money is being charged to my insurance company.  I wish I had met Monica sooner; perhaps I could have eliminated the entire illness! – Wendy

I am a true believer in Monica’s work.  After battling years of bulimia I net Monica.  She talked with me about trigger foods.  She then food tested me for allergies and got me set up on a great meal plan.  I am doing great!

When I met Monica I had a rash on my hands, elbows, and back that itched and would not disappear.  After being food tested and eating the “right” foods, within two weeks my rash was completely gone!

I have suffered from severe PMS and menstrual cramps for years.  After being food tested and eating the proper food, I am cramp-free.  It is incredible.

I never knew how bad I felt until I felt this good!  IT WORKS! – Jennifer

After our session I felt as if another cloud had been swept from my head.  Thank you again for your insights on my health, both physically and spiritually.  Having another voice has been extremely helpful on my journey of healing.

Since first coming to you last year: my energy is better, I have lost weight and feel much better because of dietary changes you suggested.  This all means more energy for my work – as well as less down time fighting allergies and colds.   In addition I greatly appreciate the good humor and honest atmosphere you provide.

With the emotional and physical challenges I have faced now behind me, I look forward to my health and energy continuing to improve under your direction, and my business plans to prosper with my renewed vigor.

Thanks again for your help and for being you! – Leslie

I am a 39 year old mother of two children and have suffered from daily headaches and frequent migraines since the birth of my four year old son.  I have had a definite decrease in headaches and have had much more energy since eliminating my allergic foods from my diet (as per Monica’s suggestions). – A.L

My six year old daughter has had eczema all over her entire body most of her life.  At times she has had it around her eyes, , on her arms, legs, back, chest, and bottom.  After bathing her at nighttime I was applying three different creams, one for the eyes, one for the bottom, and one for her body.  My daughter had been to six pediatricians and one dermatologist and diet was never mentioned to me.  After seeing Monica we eliminated my daughter’s allergic foods from her diet and her skin was completely clear within a few weeks.  As long as she sticks to her diet, her skin remains clear.  Thank you Monica!

My son Ben (6 years old) has food intolerances which we discovered through Monica Levin’s testing.  His symptoms were vomiting and diarrhea.  When I mention vomiting, I don’t mean a wet burp.  I mean projectile vomiting until he was completely emptied out!  He would do this two to three times per week.  The pediatrician kept telling me he just had a sensitive stomach and a hypersensitive gag reflex and felt he would outgrow it.  Ben stopped eating his allergic foods and the first time he gagged I thought “Oh no!  Here we go again”, but nothing came up!  His vomiting stopped!  As long as we keep him away from his allergic foods he is fine! – Michelle

After watching my diet more carefully for about a week, I am already feeling better. Sleeping through the night, more energy, etc. – Suzy

When I met with you I was very, very discouraged with the condition of my health – tired much of the time and frequent flues.  After we talked and you performed the muscle testing , I left your office feeling somewhat skeptical and very depressed that you discovered that I had so many food sensitivities and especially to the foods I loved – milk and milk products, wheat, tomatoes, caffeine, chocolate, almonds, peanuts, beans, and a few others.  I thought “Who, me?  No doctor ever told me I had a sensitivity to any food.”  Still, I decided that at this point I would do anything, as no one had been able to help me before.  I decided to religiously follow your directions, eliminate those foods to which I was sensitive, including refined sugar, eat only organic foods, and see what happens.  I still get amazed at what then transpired.
The first couple of weeks I periodically experienced headaches and flu-like symptoms as my body detoxified.  Following the detoxification process, my energy level picked up.  I began exercising 4-5 times per week for half an hour, including yoga and aerobics.  (I never had the energy before to do more than a half hour of walking).  As my body became stronger, I couldn’t believe the energy I had.  I was really beginning to enjoy life!  During this last winter I worked a job where I was exposed to the public and truly believed that I would get the flu but so far I have escaped that awful disease and have contracted not so much as a cold.  Most nights I only require 6-7 hours of sleep.

For years I suffered from anxiety symptoms, taking various forms of medication.  Since changing my diet I have eliminated all prescription medicine (for the last four months) and, for the first time in my life, I am free of anxiety problems, free of excruciatingly-painful hemorrhoid problems, have lost 17 pounds, and feel 30 years younger.  It is truly amazing!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for devoting your life to helping people get well, Monica.  I’m sure there are many more people out there who are not consciously aware of the many immune-suppressing toxins they are being exposed to daily, as I was, and who are perplexed as to why they are tired much of the time and battling various forms of disease.  Hopefully, your message will reach them and they, too, can experience the total joy of optimal health. – Barb

One of Monica’s clients was a 15 year old girl who had had daily migraine headaches for three years. After innumerable tests and visits to doctors, pain clinics, and therapists, she was referred to me. She followed the diet outlined by the results of the test that I use in my practice called muscle testing, and within a few days she was pain-free. Her mother was ecstatic and came to me for an evaluation.

“Monica”, she said, “I feel great on all levels. I am physically healthy, emotionally sound, and spiritually connected. I have never felt better in my life but I would like to be tested and learn which foods to avoid so that I can keep my daughter company in her new way of eating”. I tested her.

Two weeks later she called and said, “Monica, I thought I felt great, but I was wrong. Now I feel great!”

Seeking nutritional assistance through you has been quite helpful to me.  It has helped me to be more aware of how I’m affected physically and emotionally by what I eat.  This has given me the ability to make informed choices regarding what I put into my mouth and body.  Learning and experiencing how my body is affected has allowed me to change my eating and drinking habits so my days are more energetic and I am in a more even and less reactive mood.  I am grateful for these awarenesses. – Bea

I wanted to give you a wonderful success story.  Evan and I came to see you at the end of June.  I had chronic sinus problems and other stuff, Evan was throwing up 2-3 times per week.  Since changing our diets Evan has stopped throwing up completely and has gained 1 ½ pounds, loves his new foods, and is doing great!  His gastric empty study and endoscope was canceled. I am feeling better than I thought I could, able to concentrate, get more accomplished, have more energy, and gone is the nagging sinus headache. Thank you so much for your help, advice, and cookbook that has started us on a new path of great health. – Laura

Through Monica’s guidance I was able to prescribe for myself foods that would lead me to better health, better life.  A whole new world of foods opened up for me, and with it better health.  My sinus infection healed as well as my congestion, chronic cough, and bladder problems.  Thank you Monica! – Maria

When Theresa was 3 years old I took her to see Monica because she was suffering from red face rashes, was very irritable, and had very strange eating habits.  Nothing I put on Theresa’s cheeks made them less chafed and red.

After testing Theresa, Monica suggested putting her on a gluten-free diet, which I started immediately.  Theresa would not eat for three whole days and nights and was her worst self that I had ever seen.  She was never a good sleeper but now she was terrible!  She was dreaming and tossing and turning all night.  She seemed to be going through some big changes.
After those three days Theresa emerged a new person.  She would eat the foods presented to her.  Her skin cleared up and two years later is still perfect.  Theresa turned into a happy, healthy child who sleeps well and eats well.

I am grateful to Monica for being there and being able to detect the intolerances in Theresa.

After more than 20 years of diarrhea, headaches, canker sores, cold sores, leg pains, dry skin, and later menstrual cramps, within three days of my diet change, the diarrhea was gone. Within a month, the leg pains headaches, canker sores, cold sores, dry skin, and exhaustion were gone. And within three to four months my menstrual cramps disappeared! – Monica

The guidelines from my test session have improved my energy and overall well being dramatically! When I “cheat” I notice a difference within a few hours. It has been very helpful. – Amy